Ariya amenities offers custom design bathroom amenities and accessories, available with hotel logos & branding, for every market level. From 3 Star to 5 Star hotel categories, customized amenities is our strength.
         For liquids we offer bottles, and tubes. For soaps we can supply, paper wrap, shiny wrap, plastic wrap, and flow wrap. For the wide range of accessories there are many different choices and packaged in boxes, flow wrap, paper wrap or bulk Just some of the items offers include:
       Shampoo Bath Salts Sewing Kit Detergent            
Conditioner Talcum Powder Sanitary Bag Loofah  
Bath Gel Soap Vanity Set Luxury Accessories Pouch  
Body Lotion Toothbrush Set Emery Board Shoe Mitt  
MouthWash Razor Set Comb Shoe Sponge  
Sun cream Shower Cap Cotton Pads/Tips  



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